Yielding vs Justifying

Justifying is when you hear your own Knowing around a Choice, but deny it and don’t go along with it, and a conversation kicks off in your head to justify why not.

Notice that Justifying is merely one part of yourself having a dishonest conversation with another part of yourself which is speaking the truth. There’s no-one else involved, no external third party telling you what to do! It’s all you. So the key is to decide for yourself which parts are the voice of the False Self, and which parts are the voice of that which you’d actually like to choose, but don’t feel okay choosing.

The opposite of Justifying is trusting your own Knowing – or absence of Justifying. But what’s most interesting is what we do when we start to catch ourselves justifying: We either keep Justifying, or Yield to the emotion and Awareness that we were resisting.

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aka: Softening
Still Justifying
aka: Defending

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