The Binary

We can further develop the insights provided by The Power of Love by recognising that the quality of ‘Love Consciousness’ also has an opposite.

Given that it’s also possible to not be okay with ourselves and the way reality arises, we shall call the opposite of Love Consciousness ‘Fear Consciousness’.

So we now have:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness

… as our two primary states of life.

In any given moment of life you are either in a state of Love Consciousness, or in a state of Fear Consciousness. You’re either in a state of acceptance of yourself and life, or you’re in a state of self-judgement (or self-constriction, in a broader sense).

Kissing Consciousness calls this pair of states of consciousness ‘The Binary’, and creates ‘Binary Tables’ to display various insights that relate to them. For example, with Success

Now that we have defined our two primary states of Consciousness, we can make use of them by putting various expressions of them into a  ‘Binary Table’  such as this:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness
Success based on self-loveSuccess based on self-judgement

This results in the following, ever-present characteristics of Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness

We can then look at a whole raft of the characteristics of Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness, combined into a single table:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness
ChoiceThe Illusion of Choice
ConfidenceLack of Confidence
Positive ThinkingNegative Thinking
Absence of StressStress

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