Why ‘Conscious’?

Why might we want to be ‘Conscious’? Well, because it is true success, contentment, empowerment, relaxation, confidence, freedom and more, all rolled into one complete experience of that moment of life.

The alternative for that moment is self-denial and frustration, Unconscious Unhappiness, powerlessness, stress, lack of confidence, self-constriction and more, all rolled into that one experience of that moment of life.

The choice between Consciousness and Unconsciousness is the choice between self-respect and self-judgement, between self-honesty and self-delusion, between self-acceptance and self-rejection, between living creatively in the moment and living regretfully in the past or with neediness of the future, between living as the cause of your life or as the effect of judgementalism of it. It’s the choice between being true to yourself and not being true to yourself.

‘Conscious’: What is Conscious (Living)?

But there’s a further point, which is that all of the Unconscious stuff mentioned above is not entirely a choice. As we shall see more and more, choice is only really possible in the absence of self-judgement. Self-judgement influences your thinking in such a way that choice is compromised.

‘Conscious Living’ is the state of being free of self-judgement in a given moment and so living unselfconsciously. It includes awakening to recognise when self-judgement is having a destructive effect, since that recognition itself stops the destructive effect.

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