“Just because you’re doing physical things, it doesn’t mean you’re ‘in your body’. Just because you’re doing mental things, it doesn’t mean you’re ‘in your head’.” – James Blacker

The relationship we have with our Awareness, involving our Subconscious Mind, of course, also manifests in whether or not we are Embodied. In this context, being Embodied means being in touch with our body, at one with how our body feels, with what it is feeling and what it might want. The opposite is being Disembodied, which is being out of touch with your body’s feedback.

The phenomenon of people being Disembodied, as a result of selfjudgement and lack of connection (self-intimacy) in this modern, commerce-driven, emotionally painful society, will surely have contributed significantly to the Degenerative Disease crisis we see. I would suggest that people are dying of such things as heart disease and Cancer in greater numbers than they need to because the population’s capacity to be aware of what the body is really asking for has been compromised, and has not been nurtured.

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Embodied (in your body and Awareness) Disembodied (‘in your head’)

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