The Palate of Consciousness

Like the restaurant connoisseur of fine dining who has a sorbet between meals to clean the palate and approach the next dish with a neutral, and thus unadulterated perception, a person in a Conscious moment approaches the moment with a neutral, and thus unadulterated perception, so their truth arises unimpeded.

I said earlier that  “All I want for Christmas is an Awareness-based lifestyle.”  The Palate of Consciousness defines the basis of the way in which one acquires that.

Achieving The Palate of Consciousness Now vs Achieving Things or Outcomes in The Future

The conventional approach to Success is to prioritise achievements which are based on things, behaviours and outcomes, usually in the future.

The way of  ‘Conscious’ is to prioritise releasing anything that doesn’t allow us to be as we are, unadulterated, and let behaviour and outcomes flow from there, because we understand and therefore trust that this is the way of true Success.

Sometimes this will include resolving an Unconscious issue around how you will allow yourself to Receive a certain truth in the future.

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Seeing the wisdom in desiring a clear Palate of Consciousness around the issue now Concern over how and if we will achieve a certain outcome in the future

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