“Being in self-acceptance the gates of your power are open. Being in self-judgement the gates of your power are closed.” – James Blacker

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In Your Power Not In Your Power

Power is the self-allowance to honour what’s true for you. This, by definition, includes what’s possible for you, and what’s truly your Choice out of that range of possibility.

‘Power’ is no more complicated than this. Of course, we know which ‘gremlin’ makes us think or feel otherwise.

“The source of your power is before you’ve thought. It is prior to thought.” – James Blacker

The source of your power is your simple ability to choose to do the things you can do which it is your Choice to do. If and when thought comes in to the equation, it either aligns with Awareness of that power – in which case nothing changes – or it is self-judgement-based thought which gets in the way of it.

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