Do we trust our intuition? Do we even have intuition? Do we trust ‘energy’ – whatever the hell that is? Do we trust our instinct? Do we have gut feelings, and do we trust those? Are we even paying attention to what’s going on, or being open with ourselves?

David Heard simplified this issue for me many years ago. We were talking about self-trust and the importance of going with your gut instinct. I was getting caught up in all the different words (like intuition and gut instinct and energy) and the meanings and judgements that each word carries, when he said to me, “It’s about trusting the information being provided.” Intuition, instinct, bodily sensations, intellect, energy, Consciousness, or even anything that is potentially explained by Quantum Physics, can all go under the umbrella term of ‘information’.

Where information comes from is not so important. Whether that information can be trusted is a fair concern. But what really matters is whether you allow yourself to honour the fact that you trust that information – when you do trust it. It’s about that relationship that you have with you! Allowing yourself to honour and acknowledge that you don’t trust some piece of information also demonstrates self-trust and good self-communication. Our Consciousness determines whether or not we allow ourselves our ‘true to self’ Choice with regard to the way we interpret (trust or don’t trust) information:

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We allow ourselves our true Choice of how we may wish to interpret any information We don’t allow ourselves our true Choice of how we may wish to interpret any information

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