Narrow Creativity and Broad Creativity

Let’s look at how creativity plays out in our moment to moment experience of life.

For our needs here I’m defining ‘Narrow Creativity’ as limited to the things that people usually associate with creativity: Art, poetry, music, literature, dance, etc. The intent is in no way to put those pursuits down, but to allow room for a second concept of ‘Broad Creativity’, namely, creativity in a much broader, more fundamental sense, which is a characteristic of any moment of Love Consciousness.

All moments of Love Consciousness have the same signature aspect of this creativity, even if it is so subtle we don’t particularly notice it. But it’s there and we certainly enjoy it, and you can sense it, particularly since it is the same quality of Consciousness that comes with genuine Choice in each moment.

All of life is a creative act, the nature of reality exploring itself. But all of Love Consciousness is a creative act in a different sense, in that a moment of Love Consciousness is a moment without self-judgement, where whatever you choose to do in that moment has an air of originality about it because it’s coming from freedom of Consciousness.

And it doesn’t matter how banal or mundane the thing you do may be, even if it’s going to a bar, making a comment in conversation, or deciding whether to have a cup of tea; it will still have that quality of originality because a Conscious moment comes from your Awareness and Choice, not from your head or conclusions about what you might do in a given moment.

When you are in your head you are controlling and repressing your creativity because you’re not allowed to be or choose whatever it is you would otherwise do if you had no self-judgements around it.

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