Awareness is a relationship with yourself where, in a given moment, you allow your Conscious Mind to receive all the information being made available to it. The degree to which you are in conclusion around certain thoughts and beliefs is the degree to which you block your Subconscious Mind from being able to share with you any information or insights (Awareness) about those matters.

Every moment you’re alive is an opportunity to receive information via your Awareness. Every time you go into conclusion you close down your ability to acquire that moment’s Awareness. Furthermore, because your Choice is dependent upon your Awareness of what’s true for you, your Choice is also compromised and denied to you whenever you are in conclusion or locked in belief systems around something. In fact, the same applies to all of the Love Consciousness characteristics.

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In Your Awareness Locked in Conclusion
Thus your Awareness is available to you Thus your Awareness is blocked and denied to you

Awareness is also the difference between possibility and limitation. So we can really gain (ourselves) by opening this relationship with Awareness up, and dropping the tightly held attachments we have to beliefs, and even to thought itself.

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Possibility Limitation

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