Negative Thoughts Aren’t Ours!

If you buy a car park and allow people to park their cars in it you have no problem understanding that those cars in your car park belong to other people and are not yours. In the same way, it is perfectly possible for other people to park their ‘cars’ – their thoughts – in your head.

Indeed, this is exactly what happens, and every negative thought you’ve ever had is actually someone else’s thought, someone else’s belief, given to you … parked in your head.

So there’s actually no such thing as self-judgement. Rather, there is the process of having other people’s judgements of us taken on board for our own safety and survival, in such a way that we have to accept them as our own.

Every negative thought you have ever had has actually been someone else’s. Your mind has been made a ‘car park’ for the negative thoughts (i.e. self-judgements) of other people’s ‘cars’.

You have never ever owned a negative thought!

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