In every given moment, each and every one of us is either in a state of self-acceptance, or of self-constriction, which we might think of as a broader, more energetic and physiological (as well as mental) sense of self-judgement.

Kissing Consciousness defines these two states of affairs as Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness and provides tools and insights to help people release the blocks which prevent them from being in full allowance of themselves.

Worldwide Availability

Kissing Consciousness is a movement which is available to all, worldwide. You will find that Kissing Consciousness online events have links to allow you to see what times the events start in your part of the world’s time zone. The Kissing Consciousness Handbook is also available through 6,000 online retailers worldwide, and is generally printed in the country in which it is bought. Our shop of digital products ensures you can watch or listen to the materials that are right for you wherever you are.

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