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Discovering Magazine Articles by Kissing Consciousness

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August 2021: Real Life: Your Awareness Trumps Your Beliefs and Your Conclusions

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In my June column I explained that ‘conscious living’ is our ability to be true to ourselves; the only sensible measure of true success that there is. I’ll now explain why awareness, rather than  beliefs, is key to that. Read more...

July 2021: “Let it go…, let it go…” she sings. But how?

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As Queen Elsa sang in Disney’s Frozen, the concept of ‘letting things go’ has become a norm in our culture. In my last column I promised to explain how to ‘let it go’; now it’s time to deliver. Read more...

June 2021: Your Resourcefulness, Your ‘Conscious Score’ and Your Two Lives

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Is it fair to say life is challenging at the best of times? And now the pandemic has come, life is even more a matter of survival – not just directly from the disease, but economically, psychologically… Read more...

May 2021: You, Me and Discovering: Welcome to The Adventure of Kissing Consciousness

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Hello! I’m James and I’m thankful to Discovering Magazines for inviting me to connect and share with you through this new column. I’m very excited about what you may get out of it. Read more...

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