The Power of Love

The Power of Love is a key foundation of the Kissing Consciousness structure. By understanding a particular type of love we can harness it to make our lives work.

What is Love?

‘Love’ is a rather abstract term representing various expressions of Consciousness or thought, or frames of mind.

In The Power of Love (Chapter Two of the Handbook), Kissing Consciousness defines three main types of love, which are:

  • Love as Acceptance or Allowance
  • Love as Compassion or Care
  • Love as Attraction or Liking

We then take the first of these, ‘Love as Acceptance or Allowance’, as the type of love which is useful for harnessing The Power of Love, or Consciousness. For simplicity, we shall now call this type of love ‘Love Consciousness’.

In Love Consciousness, we are in acceptance of ourselves. We are okay with reality being as it is, as it arises, without needing to judge it or resist it (which is, incidentally, a different thing from wishing to change it).

A Basis for ‘The Binary’

Once we have that insight – and can also see that it’s possible to not be okay with things in a given circumstance – we can then develop our understanding into The Kissing Consciousness Binary (or ‘The Binary’ for short).

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