Genius is a faculty of Consciousness, and is therefore relevant to each and every moment of life in the same way. It is not a specific behaviour, either. It applies to everything we might do in life, from buying the weekly shopping to talking to our mother-in-law.

To understand what Genius is it may help to first unpick what it isn’t. It’s not intelligence (IQ), it’s not knowledge of facts, it’s not about being academic and it’s not even about being smart. It’s about the flow of our Consciousness, and our capacity for trusting our Knowing not being interrupted by thoughts of second-guessing ourselves.

In any moment we are in a state of Love Consciousness we are also flowing with our creative Genius. We cannot not be. As such, therefore, Genius is also available to all of us, whoever we are … all the time.

It sounds strange only because we have such a narrow cultural definition of Genius. Whilst Genius is typically associated with obvious things such as musical composition, art, literature or sports, as a phenomenon its actual daily, moment to moment expression is in everything, from grand gestures and projects to the minutiae of life.

Genius is all about that unassuming approach to the moment, and the quality of originality and of course the amazing results it can give rise to.

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