Willingness is best understood as the Willingness for something to be true for you; the Willingness to accept that it is true. Conversely, Unwillingness is the Unwillingness for something to be true for you.

Unconditional Self-Love is the Willingness to accept yourself however or whatever you are, and however your world turns out, prior to any beliefs and conclusions about what you – or it – should or shouldn’t be.

I say to people, “Are you willing to … xyz?”
They say, “I don’t want to xyz…”
I say, “I know. That wasn’t what I asked; I said are you willing to xyz…?”
They say, “But I don’t want to…”
I say, “No, are you WILLING TO…?”

There’s a difference between wanting to be bored and being Willing to be bored. Being bored is not something I’d seek out, but I’m certainly Willing to be bored if it’s my truth and my Inner Guidance.

Being Willing to be bored can achieve amazing things.

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