Just as with Confidence, or Being, or any of the other qualities of the expression of Love Consciousness, and contrary to the world’s assumptions, there really is no set visible pattern or physical manifestation of what Success is. Success is what each individual chooses as true for themselves.

“Success isn’t something you find, it’s something you ARE.” – James Blacker

What Success Looks Like

“We judge the quality of people’s lives from the outside and that really gives us a misleading picture.” – James Blacker

Just as we might not want to get caught into doing compromise at a Consciousness level, so too we might not want to get caught in the trap of pursuing success as defined at the behavioural level.

Maybe we join the golf club or put children into boarding school or have a certain style ‘look’, not because it’s fulfilling to us, but because that’s what we’ve been told ‘success’ looks like, or because we think that’s “what successful people do.”

Buying into a New Age community’s idea of what ‘success’ looks like can be equally unfulfilling – Frustrating (Frustration of your True Self) – if done for the approval of that group.

To avoid this Banana Skin we want our behaviour to emanate from Love Consciousness, from our Choice.

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Success Frustration

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