What is Choice?

“Choice is something that happens when you’re not in your head.” – James Blacker

Choice requires freedom of mind. If someone offers you a choice between Option A and Option B, but you’re not ‘allowed’ to choose Option A because of a self-judgement, and you ‘choose’ Option B, that is not a choice!

It’s perfectly possible that Choice – and I’m giving it a capital ‘C’ to mark it out as a specific and important phenomenon – is completely unfamiliar to you. You may well take all of these insights on board, let go of the judgements that caused you to live from the illusion of Choice, and then realise, “I have absolutely no idea what I really want!” or “I’ve lived much of my life choosing for other people!” This is normal and understandable, and in the absence of further judgement, this realisation may become an utterly divinely graceful state to be in, as you start to improve your life profoundly with the new arrival of real Choice. Even after three, four, five or more decades of adult life, this switch from self-judgement to Choice is perfectly natural and effective.

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