Receiving is the acceptance of all things that you can have, be, do, get, give, experience, etc., that you would choose. Collectively, that is the acceptance of You. Fantastic!

Again, our old friend self-judgement – lack of Permissions – is what stops us from Receiving everything that we are.

Where our Human File Permissions are set to ‘No’ we’re unable to Receive, even though we may want to, as there’s an Unconscious block working against us.

We all Receive some of what is true for us – nobody could be in denial of every single thing that is true for them – but where blocks exist, releasing self-judgement allows us to Receive those truths again.

If you have no self-judgements you can be said to be “Fully Receiving You.” Or if you have no self-judgements around a certain moment, you can be said to be fully Receiving You in that moment.

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Receiving Self-Denying

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