When my friends and I were kids we would shout “Skiiiiiill!” to proclaim our glory whenever we did something great. I had a sense of something that I didn’t cognitively understand, but intuitively half-understood – a sense of being … I don’t know … blessed, graced, at one with myself – or the divine? Before I understood what it was, I thought of that quality, my ‘skill’, as personal to me. Now I understand it to be something generic and inherent in all of us.

If we put the notion of skill as it relates to specific personal vocations and hobbies to one side for a minute, the ‘skill’ that remains is a universal, moment to moment quality, which we all have when we’re in our Being as it flows through us. It’s having the ‘magic touch’ at life itself, being in harmony and grace with all things around us.

When we’re at one with life, that’s the ‘skill’ that feels ‘God-given’, because there’s no ‘us’ involved.

It’s also closely associated with gracefulness.

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Skill (Gracefulness) Gracelessness

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