The Achievement of Goals

Once we accept this fundamental truth of our inherent Success, and that it’s impossible to not be who we are, and thus we stop judging ourselves for ‘failures’ and mistakes, we become powerful at achieving from that point on into the future, because we can respond to feedback, rather than react to it. We can see what we might do differently from now on, what we might choose, and what self-judgements we might become aware of – and release.

Conscious Goal Setting

Before any specific goals are set, the ‘goal’ of being in a state of Love Consciousness in any given moment is primary. When we’re living Consciously, this informs both if and when we set any other goals, whether formally or informally. Formal goal setting is a behavioural level activity. It’s possible that we never set goals formally. Let’s show that in terms of The Illusion of Identical Experiences:

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
Goal Setting Goal Setting

The Difficulty of a Task is Largely Irrelevant

“Self-judgements are the only false limitations.” – James Blacker

Hardly any of the tasks required to be successful in achieving beneficial outcomes in our lives are actually technically difficult. Consider for example: Speaking to people, going places, simple math, logic or practical activities, not doing things that are unhelpful or negative, following through on basic tasks. Very few of us have to jump through hoops James Bond style, understand rocket science, run to exhaustion, or balance on a high wire above the city to achieve what we want to achieve. The things which you are allowed to do (Permissions) you find incredibly easy and ‘no big deal’, and this is because they come from your Being. …

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