‘Positive (Not) Thinking’

aka: Positive Non-Thinking

Can you understand why I have chosen the image of the surfer to represent ‘Positive (Not) Thinking’? It’s not because it is necessarily about sporty activity, but because its about having nothing in the way between impulse of your truth and honouring that truth, rather than having that impulse first loop through self-judgement until the moment is gone. You are surfing the wave of your own truth!

…and it’s your Awareness that lets you do that.

“Positive thinking is merely the absence of negative thinking.” – James Blacker

There’s nothing you can do to achieve positive thinking, other than to release self-judgements. Positive thinking is naturally present when self-judgement is absent.

Positive Thinking Isn’t Really Thinking

Positive thinking is not an opposite form of thinking to negative thinking, but rather the absence of negative thinking.

In truth, it is not primarily a form of thinking at all, but a spontaneous way of Being, including Awareness and the fleeting movement of thoughts, that has always been inherent to us, and flows of its own accord when free of self-judgement. We have negative thinking on the one hand, and free-flowing, spontaneous activity, peace, Being, self-expression on the other.

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