Given that an authentic moment of our life has a quality of ‘Broad Creativity’ about it, it also has a quality of playfulness, in the sense that it’s a creative moment which is motivated from a place of freedom, rather than from a place of ‘have to’.

“Playfulness is the ability to see reality the way it is.” – James Blacker

The ‘have to’ effect of self-judgement, which also takes us into attachment to outcome, prevents the creative, playful quality of a moment from being experienced. It prevents the moment from being enjoyed.

Alan Watts observed: “… and one remembers how fascinating the most ordinary everyday things are to a child; because they see them all as marvellous, … in a way that is not related to survival and profit.” Can we remember who we were before, when we saw life as “not related to survival and profit”?

This is not about pretending that a lot of people’s lives aren’t tough, or that survival and profit aren’t relevant. It’s about realising that when there isn’t self-judgement, there’s no resistance or attachment, and we can engage effectively in the creative playfulness of the moment.

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