Addressing Your Frustrations at Their Root!

Some personal development approaches promise to help you get to the ‘root cause’ of your problems, but what exactly does ‘root cause’ mean in the context of healing, wounds, change, power, therapy, or achieving success? Essentially it means that we want to pull the ‘lever’ that’s actually going to make the difference.

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Three Levels of Causation: Root Cause and Two Others

Do you know why getting socks or other naff presents for your birthday is disappointing? Because on your very first, actual birth day, you got the two most amazing presents possible – a body and a mind – and you haven’t finished unwrapping either of them yet! We haven’t even begun to imagine or understand what these two amazing gifts can do.

But for now, let’s focus on what we do know. We know that the mind can determine what the body does. The body can influence the mind, too, particularly if we pop a pill, but we largely experience life by using our thoughts to decide what to do on a behavioural-physical-action-body level. We think “I want to make a drink” and then direct our bodies to make a drink. We think “I have to go to work”, and then we drag our bodies there. The poor old body – it’s largely subservient to the mind. We can represent this understanding with an ordered list, showing what causes what:

  1. Mind
  2. Body

Imagine a row of dominos lined up. If you tap the first one, it falls on the second one, which falls on the third one, and so on, creating a knock-on effect. The mind is like the domino that is knocked first, falling onto the ‘body domino’. Whatever happens at the level of the mind determines what happens at the level of the body. If the mind decides to go and buy a newspaper, the body goes and buys a newspaper. If the mind decides to eat a pizza, the body invariably ends up eating a pizza. It doesn’t happen the other way around; if the body wants a pizza or exercise, but the mind doesn’t, it doesn’t happen.

But we know from our Binary Table that the mind can be corrupted by self-judgement. If the mind has a self-judgement then our behaviours are not going to be effective. They are merely going to be an expression of that self-judgement.

We don’t want our behaviours driven by the unhelpful thoughts of selfjudgement. Where Consciousness is not present – when we are Unconscious, or unaware – our False Self thoughts dictate our behaviour, and thus our results – which is fine when our thoughts are our own, but when they are hijacked by the effects of self-judgement that’s when it’s important to become Conscious to them, and change the Consciousness that causes them.

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