Conscience and ‘Conscious Conscience’

Goodness me, the Conscience gets a bad press – it must have a lousy PR agency! Yet people love the notion of having an ‘Inner Guide’. They’re the same bloody thing! (… He says with a smile.) Conscience is actually the same thing as Knowing.

Conscience, the etymology of which is pretty much ‘with Knowing’, or ‘being privy to’, is about what you truly know. However, the notion of Conscience has been bastardised by culture to be a false judgement, a ‘toxic guilt and shame’ around things like chocolate, or sex, or putting ourselves first sometimes.

So if we’re to have a Conscious relationship with our Conscience, we must let go of the judgements we have taken on around the notion of the Conscience, and see it for what it really, naturally is.

The first thing to realise is that our Conscience is on our side! Conscience is our own Knowing of our true heart’s desire and truth, our Love Consciousness itself.

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