(Trying to) Control

“Life or the Universe can’t give to you what you refuse to Receive.” – James Blacker

When we are in Fear Consciousness we take an approach in which we think we are controlling a situation, but really we are controlling nothing.

Jon Freeman uses the analogy of a child sitting in the car with daddy, holding the toy steering wheel and thinking he is driving the car.

If we aren’t allowed to Receive then, inevitably, we are hopelessly trying to control. When we are trying to control from a place of Fear Consciousness the only thing we are controlling is our avoidance of the emotion which our Awareness around the matter would bring, because we’re not ready to feel it.

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Receiving (Trying to) Control
Unwittingly refusing to Receive whilst believing we’re choosing to

Refusing to Receive is an Unconscious motivator – we’re not aware we’re doing it. It’s all part of the bizarre dynamic that while we’re in Fear Consciousness we have to defend our False Self.

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