Surrender is the key to Success in those areas where we have self-judgements and ‘No’ Permissions operating, and particularly to the total and complete level of Success that The Palate of Consciousness invites.

But the notion of Surrender is largely misunderstood, partly because the word itself doesn’t sound so proactive or ‘kick-ass’. It actually is proactive.

Surrender has nothing to do with running away or giving up – quite the opposite. Emphatically so, in fact. It’s not the act of surrendering ourselves, but of surrendering our self-judgements to our true selves. We get hooked on a thing, and we have to surrender our attachment to that thing in order to make a gain.

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We understand it to be surrendering our self-judgements to our True Self We trick ourselves into seeing it as giving up, as failing, as passive, as a negative surrendering of our True Self

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