The Paradox of Love Consciousness

Given all these amazing characteristics and outcomes of being in the state of Love Consciousness, it’s understandable that people may get attached to being in it, and resist being in the state of Fear Consciousness. But this attachment and resistance is a trap. By wanting Love Consciousness, you’re in Fear Consciousness.

The paradox of fearing and resisting being in the state of Fear Consciousness is that it puts us in it, while being willing to be in that state, and if need be releasing that resistance to it, puts us in the other state of Love Consciousness.

By definition, Love Consciousness is about allowing things to be the way they are, and accepting that they are the way they are, even if one of the things you’re accepting is a thing you wish to change. Having an attachment to being in a state of Love Consciousness, or a resistance to being in a state of Fear Consciousness, therefore inevitably makes Love Consciousness impossible. It is impossible to ‘fear’ your way into a state of Love Consciousness. The only thing that releases you from the attachment-resistance trap is catching yourself in your Awareness and letting go of the attachment-resistance. And then, by virtue of having no attachment to the state you’re in, you’re back in the state of Love Consciousness.

So Love Consciousness isn’t about being fearfully attached to being on one side of the line, it’s about having a “care but don’t mind” policy, a defiant and joyful willingness to be in Fear Consciousness, if that’s your brain’s mad desire. And in that, you’re free.

“The moment you stop fearfully needing to jump across to the Love Consciousness path, it moves itself underneath you.” – James Blacker

By needing to be in Love Consciousness, we automatically put ourselves in Fear Consciousness. Yet the moment we let go of that Neediness, Love Consciousness itself jumps underneath our very feet.

The structure of The Kissing Consciousness Binary now provides the basis for us to see the insight of The Paradox of Love Consciousness – and give it a name – so that we can use it more formally. This makes it infinitely easier for us all to work with.

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
Not minding whether you’re in a state of Love Consciousness or Fear Consciousness Having attachment to being in a state of Love Consciousness and resistance to being in a state of Fear Consciousness

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