The Comfort Zone

Everybody thinks of going beyond one’s comfort zone as being just one single phenomenon. But we have seen from our exploration of The Illusion of Identical Experiences that there are actually two different versions of every action or activity in life: One happening spontaneously from self-acceptance, the other happening unenjoyably and by force as a result of self-judgement. 

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Going beyond a comfort zone Going beyond a comfort zone

So what you have is one load of people who are happy to go beyond their comfort zones – and indeed, are enjoying doing so, because they’re doing it from Love Consciousness anyway, from Choice, from their Being, with Confidence and with Flow and all that self-supporting stuff – telling another load of people who are not in that state, but instead are in a state of Fear Consciousness (largely because they are being told that they “should” go beyond their comfort zone), to do what they think is the same challenge, but is actually a completely different proposition entirely, with a totally different dynamic.

For the latter group of people, going beyond their comfort zone would be based on lack of Confidence, lack of (Conscious) Choice. They’d be attempting something from entirely the wrong motivation and this can only lead to more confusion, misery, frustration and lack of Confidence. It’s the difference between a bird taking off, and a bird continually being pushed just before it’s about to jump.

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
Going beyond a comfort zone from Flow, out of Choice and from your Being Going beyond a comfort zone from Stuckness, from self-judgement, ‘in your head’ and no Choice

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