Power vs Power Over

There’s a difference between ‘Power’ and ‘Power Over’. When people lack self-allowance and Power, sometimes they try to compensate for the feeling with Power Over others.

This attempt to feel fulfilled will always be futile, with the added consequence that people get hurt, sometimes murdered.

This distinction is important because it allows us to understand what is going on when we see people who have vast financial or political resources which allow them Power Over others, yet are so dissociated from their own heart, feelings, truth and original motives that they lack any genuine Power whatsoever. (Remember, if there’s no Love Consciousness there’s no Power!)

Society is largely uneducated regarding this distinction, and so often mistakenly sees these people as having genuine Power. These people are not Responding to their own genuine Choice, however, but are Reacting Unconsciously, totally unaware of what is actually motivating their behaviour.

In some cases, they may have ‘lost’ themselves as early as the age of two, three, four. When someone is genuinely enjoying themselves there is no thought, or reason for any thought, of controlling others.

We also see some who don’t have vast financial resources impose whatever degree of Power Over (sometimes physical or psychological) they do have upon others, whether those close to them – their partners or children, work colleagues, friends – or just people in public.

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