Conscious and Unconscious Use of The Intellect

There’s no behaviour that is inherently Conscious or Unconscious, including behaviours that use a human brain, such as using your mind for thinking, analysis, etc. Your mind is a tool, and like any other tool, you could pick it up and use it out of either self-acceptance or self-judgement.

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Conscious thought-based activity might sometimes be hard or challenging, but it is always a fulfilling Choice Forced thought-based activity is always the effect of self-judgement, and is never a fulfilling Choice

It’s important to note that ‘forced’ thought-based activity is not the same as ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ or even ‘struggling’ thought-based activity – so long as the energy underpinning whatever one means by that term ‘struggling’ is Love Consciousness rather than Fear Consciousness, Choice rather than self-judgement. There’s nothing inherently wrong with critical thinking.

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