By the time – no pun intended – that a ‘No’ Permission has sabotaged our Success in a given moment, and that same moment is seen through the lens of the self-judgement, lack of Confidence, being in our head, the Stress effect of it, etc., the fact that our Timing is also off is perhaps seen less as a cause of the Frustration of that moment, than as an effect or just a ‘garnish characteristic’ of what happens in a moment of Fear Consciousness – part of the play of it, we might say.

Under self-judgement, there’s never going to be a good sense of timing, because it’s all about the relationship to one’s own mind and thinking, and the presence of self-judgement means that we’re not allowing ourselves to do or be what or how we really want to in this moment. Whatever else we do do is forced, and thus inevitably has the characteristic of lacking Timing.

Sabotage also goes hand-in-hand with a lack of Timing – and Grace – and Skill. This insight provides yet another way to identify the characteristics of Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness, and get to know them. You can’t be ‘in your head’ and have Timing.

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