The Anatomy of a Moment

What we are going to do here, with a single moment of Consciousness, is look at it in tiny, ‘microscopic’, minute detail, so that you can see and feel exactly what it is. This moment is the basis and building block of You, and your life, of all your Success and Permissions, but also of your Frustrations and lack of Permissions.

The Interchangeable Nature of All Consciousness Polarities

The Consciousness pair of ‘Confidence’ and ‘Lack of Confidence’ can be thought of as a polarity; they are polar opposites. We may consider, also, that Positive (Not) Thinking and Negative Thinking are polar opposites.

But the pattern doesn’t stop there, because we can interchange the various ‘positive’ (Love Consciousness) and ‘negative’ (Fear Consciousness) qualities: Confidence is the same thing as Positive (Not) Thinking; Lack of Confidence is the same thing as Negative Thinking.

We can also interchange the pairs of polarities. Confidence is the opposite of Negative Thinking. Similarly, Positive (Not) Thinking is the opposite of Lack of Confidence.

An Increase in Love Consciousness (Self-Acceptance) Raises All of These Qualities

As they say, ‘a rising tide raises all boats’.

That analogy holds up here, with a rising tide representing your increase in Love Consciousness, or Conscious Awareness – ‘Yes’ Permissions – and the ‘boats’ representing all of the qualities of Love Consciousness.

You can’t have an increase in Confidence (say, from 41% to 57%) without an increase in Receiving, also, and an increase in all the other Love Consciousness qualities to the same extent (in the same way that a spoke of a bicycle wheel can’t go round without all of the other spokes going round also).

PAUDI: Passive, Automatic, Unnoticed, Default Invisibles

All of the characteristics of the one quality of Love Consciousness have the same kind of nature to them; that of being what we might call ‘automatic’, ‘default’, ‘invisible’, ‘unnoticed’, and even ‘passive’ in the sense that we don’t have to do anything in terms of forced thinking for them to be present. Nothing is required.

As we’ve seen, these ‘positives’ take care of themselves in the absence of any ‘negatives’ of self-judgement. And yet, their effect is always dynamic.

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