Vulnerability (of Consciousness)

Underpinning Broad Creativity is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated of positive characteristics: Vulnerability.

We first need to clarify the distinction between Vulnerability at a Consciousness level and vulnerability at a physical (behavioural) level. The latter might mean the human equivalent of being a worm out in the open for a flock of birds to descend upon, and nobody wants that. So in terms of defining vulnerability, this is another example of a Consciousness-Behaviour Split.

Again the English language is insufficient: We have one word for two different things, and we really need two separate words. I’ll refer to them as ‘Vulnerability of Consciousness’ and ‘physical vulnerability’ (using a capital ‘V’ to indicate Vulnerability of Consciousness).

Vulnerability is currently considered a weakness by most of society, whereas it is actually a strength, and in part, this is because the distinction we’re talking about isn’t made. If you ask someone out you risk them saying “No”, but which is stronger: Being willing to take that risk, or not being willing? Getting up on stage, or not doing that? At a Consciousness level, refusing to be Vulnerable means Fear Consciousness is preventing us from stepping into and living from the truth and glory of our originality.

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Vulnerability (at a Consciousness level) Defensiveness in our Consciousness; control and avoidance of original life
Excited at being Vulnerable because it equates to being alive! Afraid of being Vulnerable because we’re not allowed to be energetically alive

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