Conscious Monogamy and Polyamory

A truly Conscious approach may require us to weed out the false limitations, illusions and judgements of the culture and context we grew up in.

It does with regard to money and personal health, and with regard to relationships, also.

If we’re to choose monogamy, for example, and we have a resistance to polyamory or celibacy or any other choice, we might want to do clearings on that first, beforehand, so that we can then approach our pursuit of monogamy from a Conscious and therefore effective place, in order that it be fulfilling.

Most of us were brought up in a monogamous culture, and as part of that we grew up with Unconscious resistance to anything that doesn’t fit that model. But if we were brought up in a polyamorous culture, we’d think that was normal, and we’d have resistance to anything that didn’t fit that model, including monogamy. If you have a judgement around polygamy or polyamory you won’t be free and able to choose them. But you won’t be able to choose monogamy, either. You can only ‘end up in it’, by default.

This is why so many people end up Unconsciously resenting their own lives – they weren’t allowed to genuinely choose for themselves.

So the first thing is, if you really want to do monogamy, and you want to do it effectively and have it be fulfilling, it must be a Choice of yours, and not a Reaction to society’s fears. It can’t be a Reaction to the fear of polyamory, and it can’t be a Reaction to the fear of being single.

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