Control and Abuse (Un)Consciousness

You are your own authority. Yet Control and Abuse Consciousness says, “I exercise authority over you.”

When people:

  1. Have an innate understanding of the importance of respecting other people’s Boundaries, choices and right to personal peace and freedom
  2. And yet they choose to go beyond those Boundaries anyway,

… this is typically because their wounds have caused them to shut out the voice of their True Conscience, their truth. They know in their Conscience that the behaviour isn’t right, and isn’t their truth, but they aren’t able to allow that voice of Conscience in sufficiently to correct their own False Self.

Kissing Consciousness calls this ‘Control and Abuse Consciousness’, which is in part a misnomer, because unless people were born unkind, sociopathic or evil – and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who was – it is ultimately their Unconscious wounds which are driving their controlling and abusive behaviour, while they tell themselves they are operating from Conscious Choice. Below the surface, such people generally feel wretched.

At less extreme levels, right down to very subtle means of control, we see people seeking to control and abuse others in relationship (see ‘Imperative Grammar’).

Virtually everyone has that basic understanding of what we might think of as “Do no harm.” This is often known as our ‘basic moral intuition’: Don’t attack or kill people, don’t steal from them, don’t lie, mislead or misrepresent things in order to steal from them, or gain indirectly by that. Many of our politicians and billionaires are currently guilty of several of these! This is about remaining aligned with that true joy of spirit, natural Happiness, rather than succumbing to the separation of Ego

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