Harmonious Relationships

Not Making Yourself Their Enemy

When you want for someone something different to what they want for themselves, you inadvertently make yourself their enemy. This is not an act of love, but an Unconsciously motivated attempt at control.

Most people tend to do this, even though not doing so is the key to harmonious relationships. So what causes us to do this in the first place? As always, it’s some form of Unconscious, conditioned self-judgement.

Releasing the self-judgements that cause Neediness is the key to being able to align with the relationship wisdom truth which Lester Levenson so eloquently explained when he said:

“Want for the other person what they want for themselves.”

This Love Consciousness stops you making yourself the other person’s enemy, in any way – assuming you choose not to. And when you allow yourself this, you can have harmonious relationships which you will be able to enjoy and be yourself with, because you are not bending under the strain of needing to manipulate your own actions in order to try to get anything from the other person by manipulating them.

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