Happiness Projection

“The less self-judgements you have, the less you see the illusion of your happiness depending on other people.” – James Blacker

Love Never Hurts

Love is a battlefield, apparently. Is friendship a battlefield? I only have friends with whom it’s not! So why would love need to be a battlefield? What is the difference?

Well … if we Unconsciously think other people control our Happiness, we have to (try to) control their actions to make sure those actions are the ones we want them to take in order to secure our Happiness. It’s a completely bizarre notion. And yet it is the basis of the majority of human love relationships, and many family relationships and friendships until now: This person is responsible for my Happiness.

‘Love is a Battlefield’ is a great song, but a lousy piece of advice for Conscious Living. Like a lot of these songs, the music and singing are great, but the message is conditioning society to stupidity, lack of self-respect and Fear Consciousness. “Ahh, I can’t go on without you!”, claim any number of modern songs. Love isn’t a battlefield. Love is Heavenly. It’s everything else you do that isn’t love that makes relationships a battlefield.

Anywhere you have self-judgements causing you to experience possessiveness or sexual jealousy, would you like to let that go?

And would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?

Being The Focus of Someone’s Happiness Projection

We can see how ‘Happiness Projection’ happens in both directions: You projecting your Happiness onto other people, and them projecting their Happiness onto you.

If a person enjoys you as a result of their own sense of allowance, then they won’t make you responsible for the Happiness that interacting with you may bring them.

If they don’t see it that way, and they instead see things in such a way that they believe you are the source of that interaction, they’re going to (mistakenly) make you the source of their Happiness, and therefore also the source of their power. So you may sense their fear of loss being directed around you.

What are other people’s approaches to you? Bear in mind, this Specific Binary Table is representing their state of Consciousness, not yours:

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
You are free to be yourself with them They may need you to be a certain thing, so you may feel ‘imprisoned’ and may wish to ‘escape’

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