Romantic Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the general misconception is that whilst someone is in a relationship they are ‘scored’ between one out of ten and ten out of ten (a minimum of one because they at least have a relationship), but a single person always scores zero at relationship – because they have no relationship, so they’re ‘scoring’ zero at relationship. This is totally incorrect and unhelpful.

It’s actually part of a collective Unconscious misunderstanding of relationships. Just to give a couple of quick examples, a person who is being discerning and not just saying yes to the first offer of relationship that comes along that they don’t really want is demonstrating Conscious Relationship, and their life will have a certain fulfilling quality of life because of that.

A single person might be capable of engaging in Conscious Relationship to a high degree, even 100%, whereas a person in relationship might be operating totally from self-judgement. Consciousness doesn’t consider being in a relationship as either more or less valuable than being single. It’s a value judgement to believe that life in a relationship is inherently better than a single life. From the perspective of The Binary, it’s not whether you’re in a relationship, it’s whether your approach to relationship is true to self, or not.

There are also scales of maturity and responsibility in relationship. Whether we are single or not bears no relation to how far up this scale we are capable of relating from.

Part of Conscious Relationship is seeing things as they are, not how you want them to be. There’s a difference between objectively observing the dynamics of a new connection to see if it’s a good match, and subjectively interpreting everything so that it looks as if it is. The same goes with assessing the state of an existing relationship – and at each given point.

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