A ‘Marriage’ Made in Heaven

“Nobody ever manufactured true love.” – James Blacker

As we saw earlier, if you have a relationship that arises of its own accord, that isn’t forced, then that is a relationship ‘made in Heaven’.

In spiritual traditions, and as nature has it, and as it relates to our Consciousness, a ‘marriage’ is understood to be a ‘marrying of energies’.  Two people happen to find that not just their intellectual Ego’s wishes, but their energies, their Beings, have come together in some way without Forced Behaviour.

Actually, these energies are happening all the time, more often than might think, and no-one is naturally excluded. Of course, whether we Receive them is a different matter.

The ‘marrying of energies’ is a spontaneous occurrence that happens naturally. The legal contract document of a marriage is a different thing to an actual ‘Energetic Marriage’. It’s possible to have a conventional legal document marriage without a genuine marriage of energies, and it’s possible to have an actual genuine marriage of energies without a legal contract marriage. It’s sad that so many people get a legal marriage because they’re kidding themselves that that alone will automatically give them the authentic joy of a genuine Energetic Marriage, as nature understands and governs it.

So a ‘Marriage Made in Heaven’ is a real thing in nature. Of course, I’m loosely translating ‘Heaven’ to mean Love Consciousness.

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