“If you don’t know yourself, how can you know the value of anything you’re giving to anyone else? Answer: You can’t.” – David Heard

Due to The Primacy of Your Consciousness, intimacy with another person can only ever be the effect of your own Consciousness. Intimacy is neither guaranteed by certain physical acts, nor ruled out by them.

You cannot say, for example, that gazing into each other’s eyes is definitely an act of intimacy, or that it’s impossible for shouting at each other to be an act of intimacy.

Disagreement is not necessarily an opposite of intimacy. It’s perfectly possible to have intimacy while disagreeing on something. Again, this is because intimacy is primarily a Consciousness!

So intimacy is any behavioural level expression that is authentic. In this way, you and a love partner (for example) can be intimate all day, every day.

Intimacy as physical contact may or may not be a part of that.

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