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Any judgementalism of a person for choosing something for themselves that doesn’t harm other people is a sign of insecurity, lack of self-esteem and fear on behalf of the person doing the judging.

We’ve said before that a truly secure person is never unkind under any circumstances, and you might like to let go of anywhere you’ve shut your Awareness down to the notion that other people’s judgementalism is a reflection of their issues, and not yours.

There may have been a lot of unkindness around this, too, and so maybe some clearings on the body’s trauma would serve.

One thing I would invite people to check in with themselves around, though, is that they are making their choices from Choice, and not from self-judgement.

A person who considers a gender change, for example, is no more immune to the phenomenon of Shadow Baggage and the False Self than anyone else.

Whatever people want to do is fine, of course, but I’d hate to think somebody made a life-changing decision for something they didn’t really want, as a result of self-judgements that had been imposed upon them which repressed their true personality.

This principle works both ways, as there will also be people whose self-judgements prevent them from acknowledging their homosexuality to themselves, for example, or their genuine desire to change gender.

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