“It makes no sense to learn contrived ways of communicating.” – Colin Turner

When a person attempts to satisfy their Neediness by trying to ‘get’ from the other person, they are communicating from Fear Consciousness, which also of course has the energy of Fear Consciousness, and which therefore communicates the energy of Fear Consciousness … which has never been a persuasive communicator! (Except to other Fear Consciousnesses, to other people’s Neediness.)

When we communicate from Fear Consciousness we offer other people (our) Fear Consciousness to interact with, which is why Conscious people decline it. It’s like walking up to people and asking them if they’d like something crappy.

The energy that Fear Consciousness communicates always repels good and the energy that Love Consciousness communicates always attracts good. This can be great news, because by releasing self-judgements we may become more and more appealing to other people. Specifically, what’s happening is that you are releasing the blocks to your natural appeal that already exists. This is adults learning – remembering – to connect with each other naturally and effortlessly the way small children do.

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
Communicating with the energy of Love Consciousness Communicating with the energy of Fear Consciousness
Communicates Miscommunicates, and inadvertently communicates the False Self

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