The Primacy of Self-Intimacy

“Freedom and Sincerity are inextricably linked. You can only have sincerity where there is freedom, and only where there is sincerity is there true authentic fulfilment: Happiness. This is the key to life.” – James Blacker

Due to The Primacy of Your Consciousness, the intimacy that you have with yourself is the primary basis for any intimacy you could have with anyone else.

Connection with oneself determines whether one shows up in interaction with others from a place of Love Consciousness or from Fear Consciousness.

And as we’ve seen, this determines such things as sincerity and authenticity. Let’s remind ourselves of the basics:

Love Consciousness Swipe Left Fear Consciousness
Authentic Connection with Others is Possible Authentic Connection with Others is Impossible
Speaking Your Truth (including Silence) Not Speaking Your Truth (including Silence)
The Option of Sincerity with Others The Certainty of Unintentional Insincerity with Others

Realising that Presence to ourselves is something that we can enjoy is the starting point and the key to connecting with others.

In each moment, intimacy with ourselves can be sought whether we then interact with others or not.

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