The Kissing Consciousness Tool

You will see and hear many references to ‘letting things go’, ‘releasing self-judgements’ or self-constrictions, ‘doing a clearing’ and similar. These are all ways of saying releasing a block in your mind and body to you being true to yourself in a particular area of life. 

In Kissing Consciousness, another way we say and understand this is turning our ‘No’ Permissions into ‘Yes’ Permissions (see Human File Permissions) and allow ourselves all of what’s possible for us. To do this we use a range of techniques and insights which start with The Kissing Consciousness Tool.

The Kissing Consciousness Tool is a two-part, question-based clearing tool to release self-judgements. It is an invitation, not an instruction – and the second question is dependent upon the answer to the first question being ‘Yes’.

Here is the tool:

Would you like to let that go?

And (if so):

Would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?

For a full explanation of how to use The Tool, please refer to The Kissing Consciousness Handbook.

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