Emotional Infinity

“We’ve all been brought up with the lie that emotions are scary.” – James Blacker

Would you like to have total freedom from fear of your emotions? Would you like to have the total Confidence of walking the world without worry as to what emotions or feelings might arise? It’s actually a simple and natural state of being.

The first thing is to illuminate the false cultural assumption that emotional freedom, emotional authenticity, is a tricky quality:

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Emotional freedom is no big deal, and is actually a natural quality which we all had as children Emotions are scary things and emotional freedom is an unnatural and rare quality for people to have

Once you have that Awareness, you always have the ability to crack open ‘The Elusive Emotion’.

“Emotional Infinity: We have learned how to be bad at naturally honouring our emotions.” – James Blacker

Please see The Kissing Consciousness Handbook for a full rundown of how to achieve Emotional Infinity and face any emotion with Confidence.

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