Unlocking The Moment

aka: Unlocking The Consciousness, Unlocking The Desire

What a verb is to a noun, Unlocking The Moment is to The Paradox of Love Consciousness.

Unlocking The Moment puts The Paradox of Love Consciousness into action.

The Paradox of Love Consciousness is the insight or teaching, and Unlocking The Moment is the tool for letting go that goes with it.

“It all starts with Unlocking The Moment.” – James Blacker

Again, because of The Primacy of Consciousness, we’re looking for that action to be a Consciousness Act of Awareness, not a thought-based behaviour or physical activity-based action.

Let’s refresh our memories of The Paradox of Love Consciousness:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness
Not minding whether you’re in a state of Love Consciousness or Fear ConsciousnessHaving attachment to being in a state of Love Consciousness and resistance to being in a state of Fear Consciousness

How to Unlock The Moment

Unlocking a moment is achieved by moving from the first of the following states, to the second:

  1. It’s not okay to not get some thing or some outcome (“I’m not okay with this!”)
  2. It is okay to not get some thing or some outcome (“I’m okay with this.”)

In this context, “not okay” means fundamentally resistant to the very arising of reality. To resist reality itself is to reject ourselves.

Let’s just confirm how a Binary of Unlocking The Moment looks:

Love Consciousness Swipe LeftFear Consciousness
Unlocked Moment, Unlocked Desire, Unlocked Consciousness; your Consciousness is UnlockedLocked Moment, Locked Desire, Locked Consciousness; your Consciousness is Locked in Fear Consciousness
Conscious (of current motives)Unconscious (of current motives)

To Unlock The Moment we must release the state of Fear Consciousness with regard to the thing we wish to achieve or have, and thus become in a state of Love Consciousness about it.

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