‘Infinitize The Opposite’

If, upon realising that we are attached to a certain outcome (and resistant to its opposite), we then use The Kissing Consciousness Tool to release that attachment and resistance, then the moment may well unlock naturally and effortlessly as a result. (And if it does, we have also automatically  ‘Infinitized The Opposite’, probably without noticing).

If it doesn’t release automatically, however, then there is a more ‘manual’ process we can go to as a backup, called ‘Infinitizing The Opposite’.

To do this, we ‘infinitize’  the notion of the opposite of the aim or desire. By ‘infinitize’ I mean ‘make it into infinity’ (in our imagination and Consciousness).

In this process, we imagine never having the thing we desire or wish to happen. We imagine how it would be and feel to stay in the experience of not having it forever, and we allow ourselves to be present to (we ‘hold Presence to’) that feeling and Consciousness until we no longer have any Charge around it, until we no longer have any resistance to not having it. Or … if the issue relates to something we want not to happen, or something that we want to end, we hold Presence to the idea that it will never end, until we have no resistance to that notion.

Either scenario is likely to bring up many feelings and resistance, and this is where The Elusive Emotion and Emotional Infinity come in again. Whenever we are in a ‘Locked Moment’ there is inevitably something we’re avoiding feeling or being, and facing that Elusive Emotion behind the avoidance is the key.

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