The Elusive Emotion

‘The Elusive Emotion’ is the block which is undone when a self-judgement is released.

When we are operating under the influence of self-judgement, there is some feeling that we are not feeling into, that we’re avoiding, dissociated from. Kissing Consciousness calls this ‘The Elusive Emotion’. If you’re avoiding The Elusive Emotion you’re unwittingly fighting against your own Conscience.

In the moment when Awareness replaces a self-judgement, this feeling is felt into. It may not always be deep or even particularly noticeable, depending upon both the person’s Permissions around emotional strength, and the significance to that person of the topic being released. In fact, in some instances some people may not even notice it at all, but it is always there, because it is a shift, and that inevitably involves the body and the mind somehow. In such instances, it could even be thought of as ‘The Elusive Awareness’.

The Elusive Emotion and Emotional Infinity

The Kissing Consciousness concept of The Elusive Emotion works in tandem with the core clearings of The Kissing Consciousness concept of Emotional Infinity.

The clearings for Emotional Infinity clear the way for us to have no fear of feeling or facing The Elusive Emotion. This in turn allows us to operate in line with The Paradox of Love Consciousness.

If someone is stuck, the first question is always:

What’s The Elusive Emotion that you’re avoiding feeling, that you’re not letting in?

… and, of course, followed up with:

Would you like to let (your resistance to feeling) that go?

Would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?

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