Intuitive Loving Touch (ILT)

The first trial of Intuitive Loving Touch at a seminar for women in London in 2015.

Intuitive Loving Touch is a Kissing Consciousness process that anyone can do.

The very basic and natural phenomenon of touch has huge health and psychological benefits, and so Kissing Consciousness offers a way that it can be harnessed on a daily basis by everyday people without any barriers to it such as a requirement for specific training. (We don’t train to breathe or drink water, hug or make love, so why should supportive touch require training?!) The process was developed by Kissing Consciousness Founder, James Blacker, at a workshop in London in 2015.

By formalising it as a ‘thing’ it can give people the vehicle, the notion and the prompt to even think to take advantage of the very natural and obvious possibilities which the combination of touch and loving intention offers. It’s free and the benefits are many.

The basic intention of loving intent – the intention to bring the quality of loving wish, caring wish, for someone – sets the direction of the activity, sets a cause in motion, and the freedom to flow with the quality of intuition ensures that possibilities aren’t shut down by unnecessary rules, and that the good which may be done by harnessing Love Consciousness isn’t in any way cancelled out by the Fear Consciousness of being in conclusion.

Freedom to follow intuition avoids going against the body and the True Self. Of course, any judgement which denies intuition is Fear Consciousness, and so removing this completely retains everything done as pure of motive, and so purely beneficial.

When we trialled this in 2015 the amazing thing, which convinced me it was something to be taken further, was that all the recipients of the process said afterwards that they felt as if the person giving the service to them was a professional of some sort of similar practice, and had done so before.

All of the givers, which was all of them, as they all had a turn at each role, confirmed, with one exception, that they weren’t healing professionals at all, and that this was the first time they’d done anything like this.

This is the power of the intention of love, particularly when it is not diluted or compromised by any “shoulds” overriding intuition. A safe, unconditional (non-judgemental) environment is also pretty much essential.

Establishing Boundaries

As one person, ‘the receiver’, lies down, ideally on a massage table, the other person, ‘the giver’, starts by asking whether it’s okay if they touch the receiver as part of the process.

As a default, they also state that this will not be on or around the genitals, bottom, or, in the case of women, the breasts. At this point the receiver can also state if there are any other areas of their body where they’d wish to not be touched.

Choice is paramount in these exercises, and this includes being free to choose not to pair with a particular person if you’d rather not.

The giver may also check that the receiver is warm enough and comfortable enough with blankets, pillows, etc.

Energetic Touch Only

If the receiver would rather not be touched at all, they don’t have to be, and can also see if the giver is willing to provide non-contact loving intention, either hovering hands above the body, or even just sitting there, alongside and still. You may be surprised what can be positively affected solely by the intention, attention and presence of one person to another.

The Process

The giver then gives Intuitive Loving Touch, usually for an agreed amount of time, maybe five minutes, maybe fifteen, by allowing their own intuition to guide the placing of their hands on the receiver’s body. They should also do so without any intention or expectation of what the receiver ‘should’ heal, or what should happen for them. The giver has no business seeking to control or manipulate the receiver’s will or pre-assume the outcome.

At the end of the process the giver and receiver may swap roles, so that the giver gets to receive.

Intuitive Loving Touch is typically conducted in pairs. Two is the minimum number of people required, however, the ladies attending the seminar in 2015 did the exercise in groups of three, and this can easily be done if the numbers at an event require it, in a round robin style, with each person sitting out once as an ‘observer’.

As a two-person process, it is ideal for arranging ILT ‘swaps’ with friends or family on a regular basis, or as required.


It’s ‘intuitive’, so talking is an option if you feel to do so.

When we first pioneered the process it was done in silence, (Silent ILT), so that may work well as a basic, or ‘default’ approach. However, I myself usually choose to talk, particularly if I sense that may be more effective – perhaps if I get an intuition that something is a good question to ask, for example to invite a clearing.

I may also ask the receiver’s permission to ask questions directly of their body, or relate with them about what they’re feeling, or what’s going on for them, to see if they themselves might like to ask things of their body.

Frankly, I would become at odds with myself if I didn’t honour and follow my own Awareness to use The Kissing Consciousness Tool to (offer to) facilitate the receiver, if that was my instinct. If a skilled Facilitator gets an intuition that talking may help, they are unlikely to want to let a self-judgement convince them to bury that intuition. It will likely keep occurring in their thoughts until it is honoured, in any case.

The Kissing Consciousness Tool is a separate thing to the ILT process, but the flexibility of the ILT process totally allows for the option to use The Kissing Consciousness Tool as part of it. The receiver, too, has the option to talk if they wish. They may wish to ask a question, or request the giver focus and/or place their hand(s) on a particular area of the body, or even focus on a particular subject or issue. It’s all about the giver and the receiver working together to gain Awareness of what is in the best interests of the receiver.

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