The “We” Space Tool

“… the mysterious and miraculous “We” space in which we come into mutual resonance with one another.” – Ken Wilber, A Miracle Called “We”

The Kissing Consciousness Tool relates to the individual’s mind and body. It would be tricky to use a similar question tool to unlock collective social challenges, because it would have to be worded something like “Would you like to ask your society if it would like to let that go?”, and that isn’t entirely practical.

That said, we can actually use The Kissing Consciousness Tool in this way collectively in group situations, and that may achieve the ‘mutual resonance’ which the quote above rightly identifies as key. In fact, given the title of Volume II of this book, ‘Co-creating a World Beyond System Failure’, we can start with that most direct clearing for collective wellbeing:

Anywhere you’ve got self-constrictions that wouldn’t allow you to Receive a world beyond system failure, would you like to let that go?

And would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?

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